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About Us

Through our constant innovation and quest for quality products, we've become one of the industry leaders who have set the standards other companies follow.  Our familiar green awning is a symbol for one of the most recognized and trusted turkey brands in the country.

And it's no wonder:  each year we process more than 1.2 billion pounds of turkey, supplying nothing but the best raw and value-added products to restaurants, schools, colleges and universities, health care facilities, and more.

Jennie-O Turkey Store started as two separate companies : Jennie-O Foods and The Turkey Store Company that merged in early 2001.

In 1922, Wallace Jerome founded The Turkey Store Company. By 1952, it had become the first federally inspected oven-ready turkey processing plant in Wisconsin.  Throughout the years, The Turkey Store Company grew into one of the largest turkey producers in the nation.

Jennie-O Foods has deep farm roots that date back to 1940s Minnesota. Created by entrepreneur and part-time turkey grower Earl B. Olson and named for his daughter Jennifer, Jennie-O Foods thrived and developed into an industry leader throughout the decades as turkey grew to become a staple of the American diet.

Today, the Jennie-O Turkey Store brand brings foodservice operators an extensive variety of premium quality turkey products that serve the needs of consumers across the nation.


Unlike other producers who only supply turkey as a sideline, our one and only product is turkey. Period.

This means that, our entire focus is on innovating, perfecting and producing the highest quality turkey available.

It's a focus that makes a quality difference. A focus that gives you more options for menuing turkey in new and creative ways.  It's a focus that produces quality your patrons will actually recognize.  


As an industry leader, we know that it's up to us to set the course for the rest of the industry.  That's why Jennie-O Turkey Store is fully committed to reducing energy use and carbon emissions through participation in a number of initiatives designed to minimize our footprint.  In 2010, alone we saved almost 19 million gallons water - a 1.2 % reduction of the previous year.

Jennie-O Turkey Store is also fully committed to humane treatment of turkeys during every step of the production process. We significantly reduce their stress through our methods of raising, transporting and processing.  In addition, we strictly adhere to policies created by the National Turkey Federation and the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Jennie-O Turkey Store proudly maintains a zero-tolerance policy for inhumane treatment of animals.