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Turkey Tacos

People love tacos. Taco "mashups" with BBQ, Southern and Asian cuisines are incredibly popular, as are more distinctive proteins such as turkey. Consumers are demanding creative taco applications - and turkey is perfectly positioned to deliver what your customers crave: flavor, excitement and nutritious dining options.


Raw Ground Turkey

All natural, raw ground turkey varieties that deliver classic texture and eye appeal.

205320 All Natural Raw Ground Turkey 93/7 2/10 lbs.
2051 All Natural Raw Ground Turkey 90/10 2/10 lbs.
000314 All Natural Raw Ground Turkey 85/15 2/10 lbs.

Fully Cooked Taco Seasoned Turkey

Perfectly seasoned, these fully cooked varieties make taco prep perfectly easy.

284028 Taco Seasoned Ground Turkey CN 4/7 lbs.
285628 Taco Seasoned Ground Turkey W&D CN 4/7 lbs.
286428 Kettle Cooked Taco Seasoned MST 4/7 lbs.

PERFECT L'ATTITUDES® Slow Roasted Turkey

Fully roasted and tender, these varieties deliver a bold look with distinctive flavor.

215634 PERFECT L’ATTITUDES® New World Slow Roasted Turkey 4/7-9 lbs.
214902 PERFECT L’ATTITUDES® New World Slow Roasted Turkey 2/5-6 lbs.
215434 PERFECT L’ATTITUDES® Slow Roasted Turkey Tinga 4/7-9 lbs.
215202 PERFECT L'ATTITUDES® Slow Roasted Cuban Style Turkey 2/5-6 lbs.
215334 PERFECT L'ATTITUDES® Slow Roasted Sweet BBQ Turkey 4/7-9 lbs.

Baja Style Turkey Tacos

Banh-Mi Style Turkey Tacos

Breakfast Taco

Buffalo Turkey Tacos

Caribbean Jerk Turkey Tacos

Chipotle Turkey Tacos

Crazy Turkey Tacos

Hearty Turkey Taco Soup

Hearty Turkey Taco Soup made with Taco Seasoned Ground Turkey 284028

Huevos Rancheros Open-Faced Taco

Poblano Fajita Turkey Tacos

Turkey & Cilantro Coconut Taco

Turkey & Cilantro Coconut Taco made with item 220120 Shredded Turkey Breast

Turkey Nachos

Turkey Nachos made with Taco Seasoned Ground Turkey FC CN 284028

Turkey Taco Cups

Turkey Taco Cups made with Jennie-O Raw Turkey Sausage Links #6142

Turkey Taco Muffins

Turkey taco muffins made with Jennie-O Raw Turkey Sausage Link 1 oz #6142

Tacos are everywhere. See additional research by clicking on this info graphic.
A real life bike ride amongst friends becomes a memorable turkey taco experience.