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Pizza Turkey Burger

Serves: 50


  • Preheat oven to 350°F. Lay out turkey patties on a sheet pan and heat to 140°F.
  • Remove patties from oven. Spread 1 tbsp. marinara sauce on each patty.
  • Sprinkle .5 oz. of cheese on each patty and return to the oven until cheese melts and the patties reach an internal temperature of 165°as measured by meat thermometer.
  • Place one patty in each bun and hold at 140°F until service.
  • Divide the peppers, olives and onions into portions to serve on the side or provide for self-service.


  All Natural Turkey Patty W/D FC, 2.4 oz., #6134, thawed
  Marinara sauce, canned
  Cheese, mozarella, USDA, shredded
  Hamburger buns, mixed grain, 4 in.
  Sweet onions, sliced
  Green peppers, sliced
  Black olives, sliced, canned